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Where do I find a "one peer-reviewed article?"

I need to find this for my HUDV class I have looked everywhere, and I can not find it. Please help. Thank you :)
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Megan-in many of our databases you can mark a box labeled "peer reviewed" and then your search will be limited to articles that are peer reviewed.  When you are on the library webpage, choose "online databases," and then "general subject."  I would suggest using either Academic Onfile (the first choice) or Proquest Central (the last choice.) These are both general databases where you should be able to find information on almost any subject.  Depending on the subject that you are researching, it might be more productive, if you were actually doing research for a paper, for instance, to use a subject-specific database (such as pyschology, for instance.) But since the purpose of this assignment is really for you to learn how to look up items for research, using a general database is fine. 

Once you get the search screen up in either of these databases, you should then see where you can type in your subject and also where you can limit it to peer-reviewed articles.

Please feel free to contact us again if you have any other questions.  Good luck!

Penny Mahon

Media Librarian

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