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I cannot log into any research databases. What is the correct username to use because my campus ID doesn't work and neither does my email.

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Brittany -  You should be able to use your student ID as your username and I believe that Information Services should have provided you with a password. I assume from your statement that you have tried more than one database.  It also sounds like you cannot even get to the database listing to begin with.  If this is the case, I suggest calling Information Services and explaining your problem.  Their Helpdesk number is 913-288-7479.  There is only one employee on duty in the evenings so if you try tonight you might need to leave a message if they are busy, but they should get back with you.

If you simply cannot get into any databases once you have reached the list of databases, I suggest you try a differenent browser to access the databases.  In other words, if you are using Internet Exporer you might try Google, Firebox, Mozilla, or Safari if you have an Apple product.  We have had several students contact us with problems accessing some databases and this has solved their issues.

Good luck!

Penny Mahon

Media Librarian

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