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what are 300 level courses

Last Updated: Oct 05, 2012  |  82 Views
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  1. Go to main college webpage -
    Then click “Academic” (heading on top of page)

    Then “Academic Policies and Procedures”

    Then “Course numbers” (a link on the list on left side of page)

    Course Numbers
    At KCKCC, the numbering system for classes is not meant to restrict students, but to assist them in their academic planning. Classes are numbered accordingly:
    Courses numbered 0-99 do not transfer to four-year universities or count towards graduation at KCKCC. These college preparation classes aid students who have not recently completed four (4) years of English and three (3) years of math in high school. Courses numbered 0-99 may be required prerequisites to courses numbered 100-200.
    Courses numbered 100-199 are suggested as freshman level courses.
    Courses numbered 200-299 are suggested as sophomore level courses.
    by Barbara Stransky on Oct 05, 2012.

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